New round with hound!

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Ella, Golden Retriever White
Ella, Golden Retriever White  Bild: Marc Mühleis, MMBrey@twitter
First, having a dog is not inexpensive. Thinking of healthy nutrition, health and liability insurance, dog equipment like natural rubber balls or bones, beds, leashes, blankets , dog walkers or nannies- if your boss f.e wants you still in the office from 9 to 5, .. thinking of dog trainings or dog books like: The 5 secrets of a lucky human-dog relationship from Josè Arcs. 

All this needs a certain amount of money. But, let's face it, wtf does it not in these days. Second, living with a dog, whether he or she are small, big or huge, needs discipline and nerves, requires a willingness to reduce your own selfishness and the understanding of a depending creature having its own desires too. For all of you who now will say: " See, that's why I don't buy myself a dog. That's why I better keep my independence"... they honestly did not catch it... yet. But why, all doubters will ask, should that be so?

Ella, The Beauty, White Retriever
Jose Arcs... The 5 secrets...
Ella, with Blanket
Ella, The Beauty, with her certain look hard to resist (Bild: Marc Mühleis, MMBrey@twitter)

Well, as my grandfather used to say: " First live with a dog, than decide for a child!" Doesn't mean a dog is more important than a child. Never ever... But if you are able to live nicely and friendly with a dog, than you are ready to reduce your own selfishness, than you've learned discipline. Discipline, standing up at night or early in the morning, when mother nature is calling your puppy, picking up their heaps on the streets, carrying your dog to a doc, cuddling them when the little puppies have nightmares, than , when you've experienced all this, it will be much easier and fairer to decide for racing a family by your own.

Ella running away from dangerous castle
Ella sleeping without nightmares
Ella at the Lake in Castle Babelsberg

And for those among you, who don't want to have kids at all, for whatever reasons, all those should be said: Having a dog keeps you away from depression and loneliness. Just image, coming home and your dog is so happy to see you, wants to be cuddled and cuddle back. When you go out for a walk, even if it's rainy, cold or windy, because you dog needs to go out flooding a tree, you immune system will improve for sure, you will loose weight and there will be this chance to meet someone on the streets with whom you can have a chat with.

With whom you can start something new, fall in love or what ever. Because you know, people with dogs are in 95 % friendly, polite, openminded and sharing the same passion. But before going to the next breeder, pet store or shelter, first info than invest. So start your laptop, Ipad or tablet and have a research about your favorite or recommended breed. Is it a family dog? Is it a hunting dog? is it a sheep dog, trying to protect you all the time? 

Ella's watching you (Bild: Marc Mühleis, MMBrey@twitter)

Does my favorite breed needs longs walks? What possible sort of diseases due to over breeding does my favorite might have ( thinking of Pugs, f.e)? This research is necessary to enjoy your new life with a dog even more. Not to get unpleasantly surprised in case your dog is getting that big, needs more food than you, is walking that much, so you get wondering: "Wow... did not know Olymic Games are coming that soon!" So better get started for your round with hound! And always remember what a famous actor once said to a reporter: " Sure you can live without a dog. But it's not worth it! "

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