Zwei Gedichte aus China über COVID19

Verfasst von: Dr. Carlo Marino
Dichter Paul Han (Bild: Carlo Marino)
Vater p. Paul Han, SVD, ein chinesischer Priester, schrieb die folgende Gedichte über COVID19. Pater Paul Han gehört zur Gesellschaft des göttlichen Wortes, die von Arnold Janssen (Goch, 5. November 1837 - Steyl, 15. Januar 1909) als Priester und Missionar gegründet wurde. Unter ihren Zielen zeugt die Gesellschaft des göttlichen Wortes auch von der Universalität der Kirche und der menschlichen Brüderlichkeit, die jede Rasse und Kultur übertrifft. Die Gemeinde der Verbiti-Missionare befürwortet die Bildung internationaler Gemeinschaften, eine Erkenntnis, die die Stiftung bereits vorausgesehen hat. In diesem schrecklichen Moment der Menschheitsgeschichte

ist es nur richtig, die Übersetzung des Originaltextes eines Gedichtes zu veröffentlichen, das die Haltung des stillen Mannes gegenüber einer Katastrophe bezeugt. 1- Hello, novel coronavirus! Facing the invisible but mysterious you,/ though speechless and lost I am,/ by simply saying "hello,"/ hope can break the deafening silence and hostility/ caused by the fear of you./ Although you’ve been in the world long ago,/ and the world is also relying on you/ for existence, survival, and growth,/ eyes shielded by all kinds of magnificent things,/ never do we bother to look at you, until/ a large number of

seemingly healthy us/ collapsed in homes, companies, hospitals,/ and even stopped breathing forever,/ as you’d occupied their respiratory tracts/ and both of their lung leaves…/ Even though we still can't see what you look like,/ let alone knowing what triggered your temper,/ we’ve felt your hot emotions and powerful act,/ along with the impartial attitude towards/ identity, status, race, religion, color,/ as well as the disdain for all customs and borders,/ and sheer contempt for such an arrogant slogan:/ “man can conquer nature!” / History won’t forget this fiction-like fact:/ at the turn of the 3rd decade of the 21st century,/ 

the world closely connected by 5G networks,/ people long used to consuming and traveling freely,/ facing a seemingly familiar but uninvited intruder,/ suddenly lost once proud of efficiency and speed,/ manifesting the dinosaurs’ helplessness and fear/ 65 million years ago when they saw a comet.../ Hello, novel coronavirus!/ No more do I want to be afraid of you,/ nor do I expect to chase you away from human sphere,/ but wish to listen carefully to your account, especially:/ who first broke your well-structured house,/ how they disturbed your restful sleep,/ so that you have to fight back in anger?/ Hello, novel coronavirus!/ Let me also sow this seed of hope

in prayer:/ in an atmosphere of humility and reflection,/ with openness to dialogue and conversion,/ quarantined on the same "Princess" cruise ship,/ will we acquire better consciousness and wisdom,/ transformed into beings newer and higher,/ able to offer mutual love and support,/ living also in harmony with you/ --no separation nor killing each other! 2-Embracing the world in isolation A special feature of the Church facing Epidemic Via live internet and TV broadcast,/ from the Papal library,/ he led the weekly angelus prayer,/ delivered a brief speech/ as before, and then/ moved to the balcony window facing the square,/ looking intently at the scene in front of his eyes,/ 

Pope Francis (Bild: Credit Vatican News)

familiar yet very strange:/   Wasn’t it always full of people moving around?/ Wasn’t it always a sea of colorful flags and banners?/ Wasn’t it always filled with joyful music and laughter?/ But now, only an empty square and still air,/ nothing looked like this in the past seven years,/ similar, though, to what the human beings keenly felt/ upon landing on the Moon for the first time…/   Still, he raised his arm and hand,/ waved first, as usual, then made crosses of Trinity,/ so as to send blessings from the bottom of his heart./ Nevertheless, the weight felt on the shoulders/ no longer that of the exited tourists and pilgrims/ gathered in the round square,/ but humanity from all over   the world,/ suffering from the coronavirus,/ regardless of nationality, politics,

economy,/ nor religion and culture./   History, will not forget these paradoxical realities:/ When St. Peter’s Square is emptied,/ it becomes the most crowded;/ When the church gates are closed,/ there are uninterrupted sacrifices inside;/ When the shepherds and sheep are isolated,/ there is more awareness of intimate bond;/ When the inscribed laws are shelved,/ their true meaning is fulfilled. …/ All such paradoxes make us recall:/ The Church is a field hospital/ whose priority is to treat the injured,/ and the first mission is to proclaim that/ Jesus Christ has saved you,/ not maintaining the institutions and precepts!/ --the words he himself said seven years ago./  

Put down his heavy-laden arm and hand,/ with the limping steps,/ he walked into the anxiety-filled empty streets,/ to the statue of Mother Mary the Major,/ and the plague-expelling crucifixion,/ in silence, praying for the epidemic soon to end,/ wishing humankind/ to enjoy the breath of Spring in love,/ exhorting the Church/ to embrace the crying world in isolation/ --be not afraid of weeping with her…/ Dieses Zeugnis eines chinesischen Dichters, der von christlichen Werten inspiriert ist, ist besonders in diesem schrecklichen Moment der Menschheitsgeschichte von großer Bedeutung. Es ist ein Zeichen des Schicksals, das versucht, die Menschheit durch Poesie zu vereinen.

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